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March 30, 2012

Want to get the most from Dining Downloads? Here are a few tips!

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No Kindle? No problem!

Amazon has many FREE apps that allow you to read Kindle books on your computer, smart phone, and other devices. Check out all the apps HERE.

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The more you interact with Dining Downloads using “Like,” “Comment,” and “Share,” the more likely you’ll see each of our posts throughout the day.

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Sometimes, Facebook changes how information is shared with you. If you look at this picture of Facebook, you’ll see the top right has an option for choosing to ‘sort’ your feed between Most Recent and Top Stories. If you select Most Recent, you’re more likely to see posts from Dining Downloads. It’s that easy!

Still not seeing posts in your newsfeed?

I am subscribed to the Dining Downloads Facebook Fan Page
http://fb.com/diningdownloads and am no longer seeing updates in my newsfeed. Could you please help put them there again?

If your newsfeed is set to Most Recent (see above) and you’re still not seeing posts from Dining Downloads, you can submit a Bug Report to Facebook. It’s easy! You just to need to describe what’s not working. You can use the sample text just above or you can write your own. This is the link for filing a report:

Using your Kindle or iPad in the kitchen?

Believe it or not, a Ziploc gallon size freezer bag is a quick and easy way to keep drips and crumbs from smudging your device while you’re prepping in the kitchen!

Your book has blank pages?

If you download a book and think the book is filled with blank pages, changing to black text on white pages usually solves the problem!

Need more help?

We have a help page with more ideas!

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